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Special Prices! Business Offer!

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Emergency Light Testing

Emergency Light Testing

Emergency lighting is vital to the health and safety of your staff, as they act as a visual aid indicating where to go in the case of an emergency. Just like any other electrical device, your emergency lighting also needs to be tested for any damage or faults, and to make sure they meet the code of practice for emergency lighting (BS 5266-1).

It is essential that any emergency lighting fixtures are powered by an independent source from the rest of the lights in your property in case of a blackout. All emergency lights should be hooked up to a backup battery that is kept fully charged throughout a normal day, but in the event of a power outage, these batteries keep the emergency light on in order to aid evacuation.

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Business owner mistakes

There are many ways that business owners hinder there own success. 

Concentrating on the core tasks of your business is a one way to get lost in it all and forget about what is important. Dont get bogged down by discussing the same issues or going over the same topics that you have already discussed over and over again.

Dont rely on the same customers, if an overwhelming amount of income is from the same client then you need to focus more on a variety of clients because if you lose that client then you have condemned yourself to hard times.

Getting hold of customers that have outstanding accounts is another way to hurt your business, you have to ensure your clients are up to date on payments for your own sake.

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Suffering from shin splints?

When is comes to shin splints, we all want to run away. If you are a runner or play football, having shin splint pain is nothing to be desired.shin-pain

There are many injuries and muscle strains that runners and joggers frequently experience, some of which are likely to keep them away from their preferred sport for a few days, or even a few weeks. Frustrating as they are, the time taken for recovery is not long, and many find a way to still sneak in a short run or jog well before they are officially deemed fully fit.

Stress fractures are more serious, taking a good 6 weeks to heal and that is a serious amount of time to be allowing fitness levels to fall. Shin splints, however, can not only take longer to heal than a stress fracture in the foot, but the condition can strike again and again, with some runners plagued with the condition for years.

Shin splint is a common name given to essentially two conditions, each affecting a specific tendon in the shins. Anterior tibial tendonitis affects the anterior tibial tendon, which runs from the mid shin, below and behind the knee. Posterior tibial tendonitis affects the posterior tibial tendon, which runs from the mid shin down to and around the back of the ankle. The tendon inflammation associated with the condition can occur at any point along either tendon, although most commonly it is the anterior tibial tendon affected.

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Different ways to avoid deadbeat customers

After selling products to a customer and providing a great service the time is now to receive the payment you are owed from the customer. Your invoice was sent and the deadline for payment has passed. You have not heard from the customer and decide to contact the person, so you pick up the phone and call. Then the customer comes to the agreed decision that he will make the payment by the end of the week.

A month later you are still waiting for that payment. How can we avoid this from happening in the future?

Be picky and choose wisely!angry-annoying-customer

A customer orders goods or services and you normally identify what type of person they are and you need to consider you are going to be doing business with them.

How can we identify a bad potential customer before hand? Well, there are some things you can look out for. They are demanding, vague and have an uncompromisable demeanor. If you are at the start of your business adventure then you are going to find it hard to turn a customer down, but you need to take the long-term into consideration as well. How much of your time will this customer take up? will he pay you on time? Will you spend more time on content changes or other services depending on what you do?

Maybe you are a painter and decorator and he asks for another coating of paint on the front door but you already did your job and in the end, the cost of doing the work does not even cover the cost of the paint you used.

Taking payments upfront!

Now, this could seem obvious but by simply taking payments upfront you do not need to go chasing runaway customers for unpaid invoices.

There are many customers who don’t take upfront payments out of fear of losing customers but in the end, you have a job to do, but if you are spending all your time chasing unpaid invoices, where do you find the time to get your next list of jobs completed?

Charge interest rates to overdue invoices!

By including a simple statement on invoices you can indicate that interest will be claimed if the client fails to pay their bills owed to you on time. If the invoice is not paid by end date specified the bill will increase. This is normally enough to get the client to pay up. In some cases, interest rates cannot be applied so you will need to check if this option is available to you or not.

by including a simple statement on invoices you can indicate that interest will be claimed if the client fails to pay their bills owed to you on time. If the invoice is not paid by end date specified the bill will increase. This is normally enough to get the client to pay up. In some cases, interest rates cannot be applied so you will need to check if this option is available to you or not.

Late commercial payments: charging interest debt recovery

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The Duty of a Small Business Owner

images-14The duty of a small business owner is heavy. As an entrepreneur, you should gather and transmit a few sorts of assessment. In case you’re a sole proprietor, this incorporates independent work charges. In case you’re in there tail environment, you’ll gather and transmit deals charges. For every state in which you offer assessable products, you should apply for a retail deals charge license. In the event that you claim a little business that has workers, you with hold Medicare and standardized savings charges from their wages. You include the business’ segment of assessments and dispatch these to the legislature. Government unemployment charge must be paid for every worker. There are many companies that take the advice or used the same methods for there business.

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Understanding the Duty of a Small Business Owner

download-5On the off chance that your little business doesn’t have an HR office, hope to handle questions from representatives concerning advantages and work environment issues. As the proprietor, you’re in charge of terminating, enlisting and preparing new workers. Make inviting new workers less demanding by having the new representative shadow another staff part for the initial few days so they would be able to adapt well and your working environment is regarded as a good one. Small entrepreneurs regularly don’t have the advantage of employing individuals to play out every one of the errands required to keep a business going.

download-3As the proprietor, your obligations are as differing as gathering deals charge, making a PC system, setting up a documenting framework and showcasing. You may be great at what you do to make an item or give an administration, however maintaining a little business brings an entire scope of different obligations. As the proprietor, you are the one to set up a strategy for success for your organization. Your business would stay afloat or sink under its own weight depending on your actions. Make sure that you give your all and your business will bear fruit.