Suffering from shin splints?

When is comes to shin splints, we all want to run away. If you are a runner or play football, having shin splint pain is nothing to be desired.shin-pain

There are many injuries and muscle strains that runners and joggers frequently experience, some of which are likely to keep them away from their preferred sport for a few days, or even a few weeks. Frustrating as they are, the time taken for recovery is not long, and many find a way to still sneak in a short run or jog well before they are officially deemed fully fit.

Stress fractures are more serious, taking a good 6 weeks to heal and that is a serious amount of time to be allowing fitness levels to fall. Shin splints, however, can not only take longer to heal than a stress fracture in the foot, but the condition can strike again and again, with some runners plagued with the condition for years.

Shin splint is a common name given to essentially two conditions, each affecting a specific tendon in the shins. Anterior tibial tendonitis affects the anterior tibial tendon, which runs from the mid shin, below and behind the knee. Posterior tibial tendonitis affects the posterior tibial tendon, which runs from the mid shin down to and around the back of the ankle. The tendon inflammation associated with the condition can occur at any point along either tendon, although most commonly it is the anterior tibial tendon affected.

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